Innovation in Teaching Grants, 2016

Application deadline: April 1, 2016


In order to encourage effective teaching, the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching has established a grant program for faculty. On a competitive basis, CELT will award two stipends, of $500 each, to faculty members who wish to create or expand pedagogical innovations in the classroom.

These grants are designed to support faculty trying new teaching techniques. The innovation an applicant proposes to undertake does not have to be new to pedagogy in general or to King’s specifically. It only has to be novel to the applicant’s teaching practices. CELT aims to support faculty who are expanding their repertoire of techniques.


Proposals should be submitted to the Director of CELT. One proposal per person per academic year shall be considered. All current faculty of King’s College are eligible.

Each proposal should request support for no more than one specific project. The written proposal is to be limited to no more than three double-spaced pages and must contain the following:

  1. the purpose of the project.
  2. a detailed description of the project.
  3. a clear explanation of the project’s expected outcomes, including a) what evidence will be collected to determine the extent to which the innovation was effective and b) how the results of the innovation will be used in the future (if at all).
  4. the qualifications of the applicant for this particular project.

The faculty member who receives a grant is encouraged to share with the faculty the results of the innovation during the academic year following the grant.


The CELT Director and Advisory Board will review and vote on each application. They are under no obligation to award a grant for any proposal. They will evaluate each proposal on the following criteria:

  1. the intrinsic merit of the project.
  2. the capability of the applicant to complete the project.
  3. the quality of innovation which the project brings to the classroom.
  4. the facility of the project to be shared across disciplines.
  5. the feasibility of the project.
  6. whether the applicant has had a grant before, giving preference to those who have not.

Submit proposals, as an e-mail message or a document attachment, to the Director of CELT, Robin Field, by Friday, April 1, 2016.