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Is it worth it?

The last week of a semester is a reflective time. There is a lot to do – and on a tight schedule. But because some of it can be rather unpleasant, the temptation to procrastinate and think about other things is great. And being an ending, it can be a time to think about what went right and wrong over the semester. Probably a few of you are already making new resolutions: “Next semester, I’m going to…”

In the extreme, the end of the semester can be a time consider whether all of our effort is really worth it. Have students really learned? Has our work made a difference? Has anyone noticed?

It does matter. It is worth it. Continue reading


Easing the pain of grading

October is the cruelest month: it’s when students’ mid-semester work comes in to be graded. At least during final-exam season, there’s no class prep or advisement and few committee meetings to eat into grading time. There’s also the prospect of a long break ahead. Not so in October (or March). All there is to do is make one’s way through it all.

As with many difficult and time-consuming tasks, there are ways to work through grading more efficiently. It’s possible to make it to Halloween with most of your sanity intact and with a minimum of red-ink stains on your clothes. Continue reading