Faculty Write Club

It’s not easy to keep up with your writing goals while you’re teaching, grading, prepping, administering, and serving on committees.

But it is possible. Paul Silvia says in his book, How to Write a Lot: A Practical Guide to Productive Academic Writing, that the best way to write a lot is to write regularly. Make it a habit. Carve out a specific time for writing, and defend that time zealously.

To help you write more regularly, every semester CELT convenes writing groups (a.k.a. Write Clubs) for faculty who want to make consistent progress on their writing projects. Groups of up to five faculty will meet in the CELT office (you’ll have to bring a laptop) and write for an hour a week without interruption.

The purpose of the group is to get you to write regularly. Nothing more. You do not have to read what others are writing. You do not have to talk about your writing experience (at least, not during the group’s meeting time; what you do on your own time is up to you). In fact, you must not talk to the other group members while you write. Group members will nevertheless be encouraged to hold each other accountable for showing up to the group.