Faculty Development Day on the horizon

Faculty Development Day will be held on Friday, January 13, 2012. The date is inauspicious, but the event will be an opportunity to discover ways to become an even more effective teacher.

As CELT begins planning this event in conjunction with Academic Affairs, we need your ideas about what should happen that day. The more response we get from you, the more likely you will get something out of the day that helps your teaching.

What do you want to learn more about on Faculty Development Day? What ideas for session format or content do you have? Say so in the comments, or send an email.


2 responses to “Faculty Development Day on the horizon

  1. Noreen O'Connor

    I’d like a panel led by an outside person on how to most effectively grade student writing quickly and meaningfully. I want to spend my time doing comments that actually get used by my students!

  2. I’m all for Noreen’s idea–since giving student feedback is both (1) so time consuming for instructors and (2) so potentially useful for students’ improvement.
    I’d also put in a bid for some consideration of the “teaching to the middle” problem: I feel as if this semester in particular I have a wider range of abilities in my CORE classes than I’ve noticed before. I’d be interested to hear how others deal with wide ability gaps in their own classrooms, and to pick up some tips for low-time-investment/high-payoff ways of reaching out both to students who are struggling, and to students who need more of a challenge.